Our Services at a Glance

Dr. Knowles-Duncan focuses on diagnosis and medication management but is able to provide a limited number of individual therapy services. Evaluations by Dr. KD include a diagnostic interview with mental status assessment, extensive family and social history, & complete past medical history. She performs a psychiatric review of symptoms as well as a review of previous psychiatric medications. Screening tools are used as deemed appropriate in both the assessment process and in follow up to help assess progress in a more concrete fashion.

Dr. KD will coordinate with your other medical providers (primary care for example) as it is extremely important for clear cut communication when/if behavioral care medications are prescribed. She will also communicate with therapists/ school systems/work places as you both deem appropriate.With children, parental interviews are an integral part of the interview process and parents are part of each and every follow up appointment. With adults, you are more than welcome to bring a significant other or someone who knows you well to provide background information. She feels that monitoring your medications is more than a check list, and makes every effort to have an understanding of who you are as a person, feeling this is integral to the doctor-patient relationship.

Cathy Appleton, LCSW, provides a range of counseling interventions including individual therapy, family work, group and couples modalities. Cathy has a wide range of clinical and life experiences that she brings to her therapeutic encounters and enjoys working with a diverse clientele, but specifically is drawn to trauma, depression, anxiety, & life’s transitions. Please see her bio for more details.


Dr. Knowles-Duncan does NOT accept any form of insurance at this time. She is a direct pay provider. We are happy to give you the receipts and walk out statements needed for you to submit to your insurance but full payment is required at time of service.