Dear Patients;

We understand this is a highly anxiety provoking time, with changes day to day, sometimes minute to minute..
We are open, we are seeing patients, via telemedicine..Please be aware patients are not being seen in the office at this time for health and safety of all. 

In addition, due to the high call volume, please call 1 time and leave a message, they will be returned in a timely fashion. If you prefer, you can send a message to

We value you and are glad to provide your care.

Stay safe
Be well


Useful Websites for Reliable Information

Center for Disease Control                       World Health Organization           

Indiana State Department of Health


From Dr. Knowles-Duncan:

A message from Dr. Knowles-Duncan....

If you panic, you can't process....

During times of stress and panic, your mind doesn't think things through properly. With all of the unknown and uncertainty in the world today, it is now more important than ever to practice self care. Remember to take your daily medications. Remember to take time for yourself. While practicing social distancing, I encourage you to still get out and take a walk. Take time to read a book or listen to music. Curl up on the couch and watch Netflix/Hulu. Attend church services online. FaceTime, call or text friends. Set times to check the news instead of a constant minute-to-minute update. 

There are many ways to practice self care and I urge you to make it a priority. 

We are happy to offer telephone appointments to our current patients who need to stay home during this time.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any mental health needs you may have. You can call the office or email at Stay home if sick. Reach out for help if needed. BREATHE! (free helpful breathing app HERE)

All the best,